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Mobile Caravan Service

Mobile Caravan Service

When was your last Caravan Service? More than 1 year ago? More than 10000km ago? Some parts of your caravan need servicing regardless of how regular you use the caravan or not.

Michael can come you and do your Mobile Caravan Annual Service on site at your preferred location.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Morayfield, Bribie Island, North lakes, Kilcoy, Woodford, Ipswich, Logan Gold Coast and anywhere in between.

Do you need a Mobile Caravan Service

Call Michael Today - 7 Days a Week - 0417 798 934

We come to you, 1 person will be taking care of your Mobile Caravan Service

Michael also holds an open caravan gas fitting licence, is a vehicle body builder by trade (coach builder) and hold a mechanics ticket as well (roadworthy licence). Having all this knowledge is one big plus when it comes to servicing because it means you can garentee everything will be checked and double checked.

Mobile Caravan repairs and service

Brake repairs and electric brake magnet repairs

Caravan bearing service and repairs

Gas system repairs and modifications, caravan gas appliance installation and bayonet installations 

Call us today if you need any advice.

Contact Michael - 0417 798 934

On Site Requirements for the Mobile Caravan Service Brisbane

- Registration Certificate or Renewal Paper (if the trailer is registered)

- Level Ground for the service to be performed on (concrete or a hard surface is preferred)

- 1 meter access around the outside of the trailer

- All compartments and doors to be unlocked

Things we check

All lights must work on the caravan (stop, tail, forward markers, rear markers, number plate and indicators), lights are free from cracks in the lens, light lenses are not faded from the sun, no water inside the light or lens, reflectors are fitted to the front sides and rear of the caravan or trailer, body is secured to the chassis correctly, walls and floor are free from timber rot, chassis and a frame are free from any structural impairing rust, safety chains are rated and secured to the a frame permanently, coupling is rated and secured to the a frame properly, tyres have more than 3mm tread across the whole tyre, tyres are free from any cracks in the side wall and in the tread pattern, brakes are within tolerance and in safe working order, brake pads or shoes have at least 1mm of braking element left, bearing tension is within tolerance with no excessive play from side to side, chassis number to be on a frame if manufactured prior to 1988, compliance plate with VIN number fitted to the caravan or trailer if manufactured after 1988.

Things we service on your Caravan

Mechanical Checks and Caravan Service Items 

All Safety and Roadworthy Items - Running Lights, Tyres, Brakes, Bearings and Chassis components.

Identification (Compliance Plate)


Stop Lights

Tail Lights


Clearance Lights

Number Plate Height Below 1.3m


Tyres – Cracks in Tread / side wall

Tyres – Tread Condition

Spare tyre

Floor (underbody)


Inner Bearing Seals

Break away system

Brake Operation

Brake adjustment

Drums or Discs

Brake Shoes or Pads

Handbrake Operation


Shock absorbers


Safety Chains

Load rated D shackles

Chassis – A frame

Chassis – Front under body

Chassis – Middle under body

Chassis – Rear under body

Gas Compliance and Caravan Service Checks 

All Gas Safety Items - Appliance Testing, Pressure Testing, Gas Tightness Testing, Thermo-couple Testing

Gas Compliance AS5601 - Part 2

Appliance Operation - Cooker

Appliance Operation - Fridge

Appliance Operation - Hot Water

Hot Water System Anode Replacement

Appliance Operation - Bayonet

Appliance Operation - Space Heater

Gas Test Point Fitment

2 stage regulator with OPP

Gas Tightness

Regulator Running Pressure

Ventilation for appliances

Warning Labels

Gas lines secured properly

Bottles Secured properly

Gas bottle storage

General Caravan Service Lubrication 

Hot Water System



Wind down Legs

Jockey Wheel

Hitch / Coupling

Components on A-Frame

Hand Brake Cable

Gas Regulator

Wheel Nut Studs

Braking Components in Drum